Erasmus buddy program

Dear future colleagues,

We are privileged that the chosen destination of your Erasmus exchange study program is Faculty of architecture on Slovak University of Technology.

We would like to offer you help of our students, your future buddies, with initial formalities or everyday activities, since we had experiences that sometimes the beginnings are complicated. We are aware that staying in Bratislava and studying is also about meeting new people and getting to know new places. We want to show you the best we have and the life we live as a student community, same as we did with our Erasmus ex-colleagues last year.

Here are some basic informations:

Student card activating (ISIC) – you can do it on Faculty of civil engineering STU. Address is Radlinskeho street 11, very close to our faculty. There’s a chip machine aside of information point right in foyer.

Transportation card – for student discount you need to activate your student cards first and then go to office of Transportation company (Dopravny podnik – in Slovak). Nearest office to the school is on Hodzovo namestie (with the President Palace, it’s cca 5 minutes on foot from school) in the underpass. Price for 3months – cca 34eur ( – switch website to english)

Credits in mensa – In some you need paper you’re student and a card, some take the student card as affirmation. For loading credit visit the cash-desk in mensa or you can just come and buy, if you don’t want to buy credit.

Slovak bank account – You can get a slovak bank account for example in Tatrabanka, there is a cheap student account service. Nearest bank is also very close to the faculty – also on Hodzovo namestie 3. ( – switch website to english )

Public transport schedule / Transport trains and buses – (also in EN version)

– here will be cool interactive map with important informations –


To get more information or to receive a helping hand, ask your buddy, on or fill the following aaplication.

Enjoy your stay in Bratislava!


Application form for income students

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